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Jill Hutchison
~Challenge What’s Possible~

Jill Hutchison is the “Tap Your Next Power” Mentor taking successful, driven professionals into their next stage of growth and advancement, the one they have been struggling to see and tap, the one that will throw open the doors to their next opportunity.

Jill connects you to your most powerful self, shifting attitudes, beliefs and actions to spark achievement rapidly by going straight to the issue.  She draws out your creativity to craft a goal larger than perhaps imagined.

Now your eyes are open, and the path is clear and straight-forward.  Now you tap the full power in you to achieve what’s next for you.

Happy Chooseday from India!

India is making a major impact in my life! I’m fortunate enough to be here at the Vibrant Gujarat event, with thousands of people, including 450 of us in the delegation from Australia.

It is an incredible experience as this event was truly world class, the calibre of speakers was phenomenal. Leaders from World Bank, MasterCard, Rio Tinto, several other companies and countries made it an enriching and enlightening experience.

Several things have been front of mind while visiting India.

1. The importance of accepting and being in awe of what is. The way things are, the richness and diversity of the people. Just like its important to have complete acceptance and awe of yourself and your skills and talents.

2. I have noticed the Indian culture is very respectful of all religions, cultures and beliefs. I think other countries can learn a lot from this. Individually, when we choose to see the person rather than the stereotype, we connect and find the commonalities rather than the differences.

3. Awesome attitudes exist towards the customer here. Yes, I’m well aware my experience may have been slightly skewed with my stay in luxury hotels. I’ve chosen to take these service levels with me and see how I can serve my coaching clients and audiences even better.

What do you choose to focus on today?

Have a great choose day!

With love and gratitude,


The PM of Bhutan talks about Gross National Happiness as more important than GDP!

New Year Chooseday Message

Happy New Year!

This is the time of year when many people set New Year Resolutions. Resolutions don’t work, and I don’t believe in them. This may come as a surprise, given that I talk about change and achieving new things.

Resolutions set you up for failure, and that is the problem with them. Turning over a new leaf is great, but trying to turn over an entire forest can be demotivating!

What makes you think that THIS year will be different? That this year will be the year you make the big changes?
Resolutions aren’t the way to do this. Creating a supportive environment, and selecting the goals that really excite you, is the way.

Most people have given up on their resolutions by three days into the new year. Is this going to be you?



Have a great New Year,

Kind regards,


When Fear Grips the Nation

We watched in horror as the drama unfolded in Sydney. It all felt surreal as the television channels played footage over and over. #SydneySiege rallied on Twitter. Comments were coming thick and fast on Facebook.

Fear gripped the nation, and paralysed Sydney. The biggest city in Australia ground to a halt. Amazing how one crazy person can have such an effect over millions of people.

Eventually around midnight we got news that the gunman had been shot by police. While part of me wanted to be pleased that this justice had been done, I was filled with intense sadness. There didn’t seem anything to be pleased about.

Two other people have also died. I keep thinking about the families and loved ones that have been left behind.

I’m sad that this couldn’t have been resolved without loss of life. I’m sure police handled it as best they could and it’s also important to be grateful that all the other hostages did escape alive.
Shock that such a thing could happen in Australia, where we feel safe and at peace.

I never watch television. I even had to get my kids to show me which remote to use and which channels were where! Yet I was glued to the coverage as much as I could.

It’s almost as if we are no longer innocent. I let my daughters watch it with me as I know they would have heard about it from their friends anyhow. We used it as an opportunity for discussion . I also made sure we watched some funny movies before going to bed. It’s important to shift the emotion to something more positive.

We have the option now to continue to be consumed by horror and fear. Or we can choose to consciously change our vibration.

This is way easier said than done. As I write this I continue to watch, stunned and disbelieving. I know that it doesn’t achieve anything to watch, but it’s hard to pull myself away.

But at some point we have to move on. Get some work done and resume our to-do list.

It does give us an opportunity for compassion.

There is a great initiative #illridewithyou – Sydneysiders who are offering lifts to Muslims who fear being targeted on public transport.

Out of every disaster comes some good.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we brush the disaster aside and glibly say “let’s just look for the good”. It’s more about respecting what has happened and realising that seeing the good does not take anything away from those that have suffered.

This morning I couldn’t find my car keys. When I walked out to discover they had been in the ignition all night long, car unlocked and easily accessible from the road, it was heart warming. A great reminder that in spite of what happened in Sydney, there is so much going right. Indeed the sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue and there is calm.

As it’s Chooseday, what do you choose to be thinking about today?

This week’s Chooseday video message is about overcoming challenges. I recorded the video before the Sydney Siege had begun. It’s very apt for right now.

Kind regards

Before success comes in any man’s life

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do.
More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.”

This comes from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
If you’re facing a challenge, or in spite of all your efforts, feel like giving up, you can get excited! It means that you’re close to the success you’ve been seeking. Perhaps you still have some lessons to learn along the way?
Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 of the wealthiest individuals in the world between 1900-1920, and even though that was 100 years ago, the principles still apply.
Success doesn’t come easily at first. It’s not about getting the success, it’s about who we become in the process.
If all the money in the world were to be taken away from everyone, divided up exactly equally and given to each person in the world, it apparently wouldn’t take long for it to find it’s way back to where it is now. Interesting thought.
So if it’s monetary success you’re seeking, have you increased your financial education? Have you got an exercise program for your money muscles? Do you have money rules for your investing? Are you letting other people manage your hard-earned money, or are you taking charge of it and seeking advice from experts?

It’s our mindset that is critical in success. Finding opportunities is something successful people focus upon. They see any problem as a challenge to be overcome, or a key to learning for the next step.
Unsuccessful people focus on problems, worst-case scenarios and being what they call realistic. They use the evening news to dictate their mood, and allow negative influences to marinate their mind.

What does success mean to you? What you focus on, you get more of, so doesn’t it make sense to decide what you want you life to look like? Almost anyone can tell me what they don’t want – but can you tell me exactly what you do want?

There are many markers of success, and the measure of success is as individual and personal as you make it. Success could be seen in terms of relationships or health. Some might measure success based on the size of the team they manage, or the success of that team. Your view of success could be measured in how happy you are, or how good you feel, or how many of your goals you’ve achieved. Could it be what you’ve achieved academically? You could use your career, business or investing success as a barometer. What if you measured your success in terms of how relaxed you are, or how you respond to others?

I hope you’re measuring your success based on where you are now, where you’ve been and where you want to go. In other words, I trust you’re measuring your success based on your own markers, not compared to where others are. How do you even know if they’re going in the same direction as you are if you haven’t asked them? If they’re headed in the opposite direction, then they certainly aren’t a good measure of how well you’re doing!

Just for today, take a minute to define success in your own words – what it means to you.
Get clear on what you really, really want – then have a plan of action to get there.

Clarity and Purpose

“Thank you again for helping move forward with this….I always come away with clarity and purpose and things seem to shift a little quicker than they would have.” Leonie McIlvenny, Perth.  Creator of Studyvibe

I’ve got Clarity since working with Jill

Hi I’m Beatrice Cervi, an architect.
I’m doing Diamond Coaching with Jill Hutchison from Evolve Dynamic.

Initiallly I was unsure about taking up the coaching with Jill. I had never done this level of coaching before. I was unsure about what I was going to get, and what we were going to talk about!
I decided to go ahead because I had attended a 6-week course with Jill on setting goals and found it very useful. I also decided to do it because I realised my past conditioning and mindset (which had got me where I was) was possibly holding me back.

I wanted to change direction in my business and decided to give it a go.
Since coaching with Jill I’ve got a heck of a lot out of it.
I’ve started to get clarity in my thinking, and to be clearer on what I want and where I want to go. Jill has helped me with that.
I have started to have more of a balance between my business and the rest of my life.
I would definitely recommend Jill to any business owner if you want to grow your business or change direction in your business. Jill’s Diamond Coaching program will help you to clarify your goals and get your life in balance.

Excellent to work with!

Jill exudes confidence, compassion, and clarity of her mission.  She speaks with purpose, asks the questions we really need to ask ourselves to get to the root of the problem and she does not let us get off track of the mission at hand.  Excellent to work with!


My life, my business & my happiness back on track!

After one of our Mastermind sessions Jill began to ask me some questions as where I wanted to go in my life.I always thought I was pretty good at assessing this and although I realised I had a fair way to go to achieve my goals I thought I was on track….

Well…another hour later…a completely different story was emerging!

I will give you a bit of my story so that you can relate to the enormity of the turn around…

I achieved well in most areas of my life up until 7 years ago….when I went broke…

I was a member of the NZ Olympic Hockey team who won the Gold medal in Montreal…I became a Member of the NZ Sports Hall of Fame…when in Australia I ran a very successful Financial Services Business…I enjoyed a very good income….I won awards all over the place…I was President of this and President of that.

Then I felt a bit worn out so I decided on a different track and went to Asia to establish a business. Within 2 years I was flat broke! Shortly after that I filed for bankruptcy.

I was taking a “rest” alright!. My income came from a little I earned supported by Centrelink benefits. My selfesteem dropped considerably.

Well I was fortunate that my colleague and good friend Gerry came up with the idea that him and I should team up in his Financial Planning business, he then invited me to join Jill’s Mastermind group.

So here is where Jill took over.

Here I was on this low income and I wanted to go to London to attend my son’s wedding in 2 months time. I wanted to move into a nice apartment and I wanted a new car as my current one at the time was quite outdated, especially calling on people to talk about their money! I also needed to have an income whilst I was overseas and  ongoing once I returned.

Over a period of 2 months Jill managed to facilitate (now this covers a multitude of skills that only a person of Jill’s calibre can execute so well) me to firstly lift my belief levels on a consistent basis that could make all my needs become a reality. I became very productive in a smart and enjoyable way.

First result: I moved into a nice apartment with Ocean views only 100 metres from the beach I had been exercising at daily and very importantly the Cafe on the beach. My rent commitment increased 200% and I could pay for it!

2nd result: I flew to London to my son’s wedding with stopovers of 1 week each side of the trip in Asia (one to visit my younger son) staying in upmarket hotels!

3rd result: 2 weeks after my return I received my biggest commission cheque in 10 years!

4th result: I paid CASH for my new car, a Mercedes Sports!

5th result: I am now in demand with several Businesses to help them with their Sales and Marketing. I have also expanded my own Health Distribution business that is providing a very healthy (excuse the pun!)  residual cashflow.

Thank you so much Jill Hutchison for getting my life, my business,and my happiness back on track…I will be eternally gratefull!

Alan Chesney

mobile: 0414473533

If you would like to have a chat to me about Jill’s services feel free to contact me.