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Jill Hutchison
~Challenge What’s Possible~

Jill Hutchison is the “Tap Your Next Power” Mentor taking successful, driven professionals into their next stage of growth and advancement, the one they have been struggling to see and tap, the one that will throw open the doors to their next opportunity.

Jill connects you to your most powerful self, shifting attitudes, beliefs and actions to spark achievement rapidly by going straight to the issue.  She draws out your creativity to craft a goal larger than perhaps imagined.

Now your eyes are open, and the path is clear and straight-forward.  Now you tap the full power in you to achieve what’s next for you.

What will it take to get you to fly?

“I saw, from my bedroom window, a guinea-fowl trapped in the tennis court. Up and down it frantically hurried against the wire, up and down over a limited distance looking for a way out of its prison.
I went out to open the gate and encourage it to escape that way.

The interesting thing was that as I opened the gate the guineafowl got such a fright, it flew right over the top of the 10ft fence!
It had the capacity to fly and escape, all the time while it was trapped.
It took a fright to set that capacity in action.

Are we sometimes like that?
We need to get out of a situation that imprisons us – lack of ambition, boredom, can’t-do-ness – and a good fright makes us rise and get on with it!
Give thanks for the frights we get in our lives!”

Written by Margaret Kean, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.
She was the first person to tell me that it was
“The set of the sails and not the gales, which show you the way to go.”

She is my Mum and the best grandma our kids could wish for.
For many years Mum wrote “From the Edge of the Hill” – a monthly article on the humorous side of farm life, from a farm wife point-of-view, published in the NAUNLU (Natal Agricultural Union journal).
Before the days of internet and facebook – it seemed as if all our breakfast table discussions were suitable fodder for the entire farming community in the state!

As her children we knew that if we did something funny or stupid enough, everyone was going to know about it! One of these days I will talk her into publishing her articles in a book format!

What will it take to get you to fly like the guineafowl?

I firmly believe in learning from mentors that are leaders in their field. Mentors and coaches can encourage you to spread your wings and fly in a safe environment. I love seeing the potential in those I work with, and seeing your spread your wings.

Have a wonderful Choose-day, wherever you are!

Jill Hutchison
Perth, Australia

Thrive – from burnout to brilliance

As a business coach in Perth, I see business owners trying to push on when they really need a break to get refreshed.

Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than what you are experiencing now?
Have you felt busy, busy, busy?
There seems to be some sort of status attached to being busy, doesn’t there?

A few years ago I decided that I wanted a successful business rather than busyness. This came after I experienced burnout in a previous job and again shortly after moving to Australia.
Not many people knew what I was going through because I, like so many others I know, simply kept on going! I even did my life coaching training, NLP and training with Bob Proctor at the same time!
My mantra was “I can sleep when I’m dead” until my naturopath told me that could be sooner than I thought.

Reading Arianna Huffington’s latest book ‘Thrive’ has reminded me of the importance of monitoring our activities and lifestyle. Seeing the warning signs that we could be heading for burnout. I’ve seen it in clients, I’ve seen it in myself. Many overachievers seem to go close to it, even if they don’t go through it.

“burnout makes it much harder to tap into our wisdom”
“When you are burned out and exhausted, it’s much harder to see clearly the dangers – or opportunities ahead. No that’s the connection we need to start making if we want to accelerate changing the way we live and work.”
“We are too busy chasing a phantom of the successful life. The difference between what success looks like and what truly makes us thrive isn’t always as clear as we’re living our lives.”

Here are 13 ways that I have discovered that can reduce stress and increase your enjoyment of life. Taking you from burnout to brilliance – to being able to sparkle again.

1. Get enough sleep.
Yes I know this sounds (yawn) like you have heard it before. When I was told to get 8 hours sleep I opened my diary and realized I didn’t have time for it! If you have networking functions in the evening and going to a breakfast meeting in the morning, it probably doesn’t allow enough time to wind-down to get enough sleep. You might not expect a business coach to tell you to sleep more, but it really does make a difference to your productivity.

2. Shift things around and remove non-essential events.
Eliminate events that go late into the night or begun very early in the morning so you can achieve #1.

3. Decide if you want busyness or business?
Craziness or career? You are the driving your life, take charge of the steering wheel before you veer off the road.

4. Eat properly.
Cut out refined carbs and sugar and see how you feel.

I have found raw juicing green vegetables to be a key part of getting my health back on track.
This is a contentious issue – but check out the Banting eating style as per the Real Meal revolution by Professor Tim Noakes. At least read The Wheat Belly. Increasing your intake of greens and protein makes a huge difference.

5. Take time out to meditate, pray or journal.
If you haven’t tried it before, there are tons of meditation resources, so there is no excuse. Allowing your mind to calm down and actually be ready to think is vital.

6. Go on a positive-mind-food diet. Feeding junk thoughts into your mind does as much harm as junk food in your body. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting affirmations so there is no room for negative self doubt or comments which can send you spiraling down.

This is a key part of solid business coaching, to focus on the thoughts being put into your mind. Your mind is extremely powerful and you need to guard what goes in there!

7. Exercise. This could be at the top of the list. Even a 40 minute walk three times a day increases your happy hormones and makes your outlook more ‘can-do’. Find exercise you actually enjoy so you do it more. If all else fails get a dog that has to be walked twice a day!

8. Write in your Attitude of Gratitude Journal.
Don’t worry if you haven’t written in it much recently, today is a new day, open it up and start right now. Studies have shown that writing a Gratitude list daily increases heart health.

9. Get a coach or mentor
Having a thinking partner or business coach that can help you see what is really important in life gives you perspective. A great business or life coach will create that space you need to think deeply about the areas that need changing or refinement. When you are in the frame, you can’t see the full picture. Find someone who will hold you accountable to your higher self and to your own uniqueness and brilliance.

10. Smile
Yes a simple smile relaxes the muscles in your face and lifts your mood. Besides, scowling and frowning makes ugly wrinkles which none of us need. Imagine if the wind were to change and you were left with that look permanently on your face?

11. Give
Give your attention to those around you. Listen with all your focus.

12. Remove smartphones and iPads from your room.
Charging devices in another room in the house removes the temptation to check email or social media late at night or early in the morning.

13. Stop multi-tasking.
Multi-tasking is so last year. The wiser move is single-tasking. Do one thing at a time and finish it off. How many tabs do you have open on your computer? This could give you an indication as to how far you have to go on this one. This one is an area that I am working on!

Have an awesome, sparkling week – allow yourself to shine,
With love and gratitude

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