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Jill Hutchison
~Challenge What’s Possible~

Jill Hutchison is the “Tap Your Next Power” Mentor taking successful, driven professionals into their next stage of growth and advancement, the one they have been struggling to see and tap, the one that will throw open the doors to their next opportunity.

Jill connects you to your most powerful self, shifting attitudes, beliefs and actions to spark achievement rapidly by going straight to the issue.  She draws out your creativity to craft a goal larger than perhaps imagined.

Now your eyes are open, and the path is clear and straight-forward.  Now you tap the full power in you to achieve what’s next for you.

Before Success comes in any man’s life

“Before success comes in any man’s life,
he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure.
When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit.
That is exactly what the majority of men do.
More than five hundred of the most successful men this country
has ever known told me their greatest success came just
ONE step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.”

This comes from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

If you’re facing a challenge, or in spite of all your efforts, feel like giving up, you can get excited!

It means that you’re close to the success you’ve been seeking. Perhaps you still have some lessons to learn along the way?

Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 of the wealthiest individuals in the world between 1900-1920, and even though that was 100 years ago, the principles still apply.

Success doesn’t come easily at first. Let us focus on what’s most important here: It’s not just about getting the success, it’s about who we become in the process. As an Australian Business Coach and mentor in Perth, I love seeing people achieve their personal goals and becoming more of the person they were designed to be. This is one of the side effects and benefits of achieving goals!
If all the money in the world were to be taken away from everyone, divided up exactly equally and given to each person in the world, it apparently wouldn’t take long for it to find it’s way back to where it is now. Interesting thought.

So if it’s monetary success you’re seeking, have you increased your financial education? Have you got an exercise program for your money muscles? Do you have money rules for your investing? Are you letting other people manage your hard-earned money, or are you taking charge of it and seeking advice from experts?

It’s our mindset that is critical in success. Finding opportunities is something successful people focus upon. They see any problem as a challenge to be overcome, or a key to learning for the next step.

Unsuccessful people focus on problems, worst-case scenarios and being what they call realistic. They use the evening news to dictate their mood, and allow negative influences to marinate their mind. Successful people limit negative input into their mind.

What does success mean to you? What you focus on, you get more of, so doesn’t it make sense to decide what you want you life to look like? Almost anyone can tell me what they don’t want – but can you tell me exactly what you do want?

There are many markers of success, and the measure of success is as individual and personal as you make it. Success could be seen in terms of relationships or health. Some might measure success based on the size of the team they manage, or the success of that team. Your view of success could be measured in how happy you are, or how good you feel, or how many of your goals you’ve achieved. Could it be what you’ve achieved academically? You could use your career, business or investing success as a barometer. What if you measured your success in terms of how relaxed you are, or how you respond to others?

I hope you’re measuring your success based on where you are now, where you’ve been and where you want to go. In other words, I trust you’re measuring your success based on your own markers, not compared to where others are. How do you even know if they’re going in the same direction as you are if you haven’t asked them? If they’re headed in the opposite direction, then they certainly aren’t a good measure of how well you’re doing!

Just for today, take a minute to define success in your own words – what it means to you.

Get clear on what you really, really want – then have a plan of action to get there. If you need help with this, I coach leaders over skype if you’re in other parts of Australia, the Americas, UK,  Europe, Africa or Asia. I also do in person business coaching in Perth.

Chooseday – The Power of a Decision

Speaking to a friend yesterday, I asked him what did he do to get his business from the $8 to the $15 million dollar turnover mark (he has since increased to over $20 million).

There were two things he did but first he said that he had to make the decision. He said that once he had made the decision, the next step was a shift in his mindset. He did what he needed to do in terms of engaging the right people on his team and expanding into markets that could make his company grow.

Last night I was listening to a panel of West Australia’s most successful professional speakers. There were plenty of gems, and again, making the decision to build a successful business was the first step in their success. Since then, there has obviously been a lot of work, dedication and commitment but it all started with a decision.

You see, when we make a decision and commit to it, we commit to working through the lows and the highs along the journey.

So what will you decide today?

Have a great week!

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Are you facing fear, doubt or confusion?



If you have ever felt fear, doubt or confusion, you will enjoy today’s Chooseday video. I have felt it often, every time I stepped up into a big goal. The closer we get to achieving our goal, the more we tend to be challenged by our old beliefs and paradigms. It’s very “in your face” and can be confronting!

With my business coaching clients, I often see them stepping into the terror barrier. Whether you have  small, medium or large business, each time you take your business to the next level, you will encounter the Terror Barrier.

It’s the place when you are tempted to change tack, give up or take a break, but it’s exactly when you need to push through!

This is where it makes a difference working with a personal business coach or mentor – one who recognises when you are facing the terror barrier and will help you step through it rather than wanting to run from it!

Last week was International Happiness Day. My dear friend, Executive Coach and Bestselling author: Christina Skytt from Stockholm, Sweden joined me to talk about ‘Shining Your Light, relaxing into who you really are’. Christina is a leading executive coach in Sweden and in my opinion one of the best business coaches in Europe. She has been my mastermind partner since we met in Toronto while I was facilitating at Bob Proctor’s Matrixx event in 2012.  I laugh when I remember the week before her book Power Goals was released – she was right up against the Terror Barrier. When it was released, Power Goals became a bestseller in America, Canada, UK and India!

We did a Google Hangout together and you can watch it here:

This weekend I’m off to speak in Canberra at the National Press Club. I am also going to attend the National Speakers Convention. It’s great learning from experts and those who are already playing a bigger game. There is always so much to learn.

Have a great Chooseday!  With love and gratitude




Chooseday Message – Achievements

Imagine you have a torch that doesn’t seem to be working properly. Do you simply throw it out? No, you would either recharge the batteries or put new ones in. You don’t judge how well something works when the batteries are totally flat.
Recharge those batteries and then evaluate how well it works.

If you start a goal setting exercise with a flat battery, feeling low and run down, it’s not going to be productive.
It’s way better to do goal setting when you are feeling a bit more optimistic and when your batteries are recharged.

So what do you do then if your batteries are flat and you want to get your goals achieved?

Start with listing everything you have actually achieved. This lifts your confidence and recharges your batteries.
It reminds you that you have had success in some areas. It focuses your mind on the good, not only the bad.

As a result, the goals you set are going to be the ones that energize you, the right goals for you.

It’s a bit like standing at the top of a mountain – it’s so much easier to see the bigger picture, than when you are standing at the bottom wondering how you are ever going to find your way up.

Why list your achievements?

1. It helps you focus on what has gone right rather than on what has gone wrong.
2. You get a more positive start to your goal setting.
3. Your goals will be more aligned with who you are.
4. It reminds you of the fact that you can achieve goals.
5. You see the bigger picture of your life as a whole. This allows you to set goals that get you closer to your greater good and higher purpose.

Why many people don’t do this:

1. They are so used to playing down their achievements because they don’t want to stand out.
2. If you’re in a negative spiral, you tend to question everything – wondering if anything is going right at all. This is not a productive or useful exercise at all.

Go ahead and list all your achievements and successes. Even if you think it’s a small success or inconsequential, write it down anyhow.

Have fun with this, till next Chooseday,

Kind regards


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Chooseday – Retrenchment

**** There are two seats available in the Perth Think and Grow Rich mastermind which starts tomorrow.

Visit for more info. *******

In this week’s chooseday video I talk about retrenchment and job loss and what can be done if you know someone in this situation. If you have a business, I’m sure you will find it useful too.

According to Forbes, only 8% of people are successful with New Years resolutions.

Goodbye resolutions….

We are into the second month of the year and for 92% of the population, New Years resolutions are long forgotten! Where do you fit in?

Resolutions don’t work. Which is why there is such a low percentage who benefit from them.

Getting clear on our goals, and then having steps to follow that can get us to our goals, DOES work. But only if they are goals that excite and engage you.

How are your goals going? Do you have some exciting adventures lined up this year?
What about your business or career?
Do you have a coach or a mentor who will hold you accountable to your goals?
Accountability increases the odds of your success by 200%.

I would like to hear what your goals are this year. What goal is scary and exciting for you?

Leave your comments below!

Happy Chooseday from India!

India is making a major impact in my life! I’m fortunate enough to be here at the Vibrant Gujarat event, with thousands of people, including 450 of us in the delegation from Australia.

It is an incredible experience as this event was truly world class, the calibre of speakers was phenomenal. Leaders from World Bank, MasterCard, Rio Tinto, several other companies and countries made it an enriching and enlightening experience.

Several things have been front of mind while visiting India.

1. The importance of accepting and being in awe of what is. The way things are, the richness and diversity of the people. Just like its important to have complete acceptance and awe of yourself and your skills and talents.

2. I have noticed the Indian culture is very respectful of all religions, cultures and beliefs. I think other countries can learn a lot from this. Individually, when we choose to see the person rather than the stereotype, we connect and find the commonalities rather than the differences.

3. Awesome attitudes exist towards the customer here. Yes, I’m well aware my experience may have been slightly skewed with my stay in luxury hotels. I’ve chosen to take these service levels with me and see how I can serve my coaching clients and audiences even better.

What do you choose to focus on today?

Have a great choose day!

With love and gratitude,


The PM of Bhutan talks about Gross National Happiness as more important than GDP!

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