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Jill Hutchison
~Challenge What’s Possible~

Jill Hutchison is the “Tap Your Next Power” Mentor taking successful, driven professionals into their next stage of growth and advancement, the one they have been struggling to see and tap, the one that will throw open the doors to their next opportunity.

Jill connects you to your most powerful self, shifting attitudes, beliefs and actions to spark achievement rapidly by going straight to the issue.  She draws out your creativity to craft a goal larger than perhaps imagined.

Now your eyes are open, and the path is clear and straight-forward.  Now you tap the full power in you to achieve what’s next for you.

Your Achievements

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The theme for this week is looking at your achievements.

Why do you need to do this?

1. When we are busy we tend to overlook what we have achieved and focus only on what we haven’t.

2. When we are thinking of all that we still need to do, and forget all that we have done, we bring ourselves down.

3. Not much good comes from bringing yourself down. More good comes from reminding yourself that you can do it, that you have potential. This may go against what society has taught us (don’t get too big for your boots!).

4. When you appreciate what you have achieved, what you’ve done, you will realize that things aren’t so bad after all! This builds hope and gives us a lightness that future goals are possible. Even something that seems impossible to overcome will feel more possible.

5. If you don’t stop to appreciate what you have achieved now, then even when you’ve achieved all the other goals on your list, you still won’t be happy. If we keep striving for something in the future thinking we will have ‘made it’ when we get there, it’s a bit like a mirage. As you approach it shifts further into the distance.

So decide that you can be happy right now in this moment! Now list everything you have achieved in the last 5-10 years. Include things that you may not even think are important, like the number of meals you have put on the table or how many conversations you have had to build others up.

Here are some of mine – I’m sharing them to give you permission to applaud yourself for all that you do!

  • 20 years of marriage (miracle really when you think of the high divorce rate and the challenges we go through! The secret is a tolerant husband and the grace of God).
  • Raising 3 teenage kids (do I need to go into the fact that it’s a miracle they are all still alive?)
  • Educating 3 kids (financially and emotionally – whew!)
  • Made 14 meals this week, ran kids to school, worked around their sporting commitments.
  • Took Pepper for several walks this week, or was it her taking me?
  • Taught my son to drive (that was fun and he’s a great driver, he could parallel park before he could drive!)
  • Starting and running a business
  • Having conversations that really make a difference, with people around the world.
  • Sharing inspirational content to lift those that read or hear it.
  • Moved countries (didn’t know how deep I’d have to dig to do this!)
  • Started a property portfolio in the USA before I’d even got to grips with how things worked here in Australia.
  • Watched the sunset over the sea more than five times this week.

I would love to hear your achievements, feel free to share them below. What do you want to congratulate yourself for?

I love success stories! One of my school friends has an awesome success story and she has created some videos for me to share with you here.


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Have a great Chooseday,

with love and gratitude,



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How to choose your Executive Coach

If you’re an emerging or senior leader and wondering whether to get an executive leadership coach (for yourself or for your team), there are some important things to consider.
Executive coaches can be well worth their fee (in most cases returning ten or more times the investment over 2-10 years). The question is whether you are willing to do what it takes to ensure your investment in an executive coach will bring results.

It’s important for you to get clear on what kind of person is going to help you get to the next level, as you’re the one doing the work.
Some executive coaches are big picture thinkers, others are ‘get stuck in and help-you-do-it kind of coaches.

I’m a big picture strategice thinker. I coach other leading coaches, who come to me to have a thinking partner and to get clarity and direction in their career. Each executive coach is unique and different and I can introduce you the kind of coach you might be looking for.

Whenever I’ve looked for a new coach, I look at what I’ve achieved and where I haven’t achieved that I would have liked to – then I look at my own personality and behavioural profile and ask if I need someone complimentary or totally different.

What sort of qualities are you looking for in your executive coach? Do they need to hold you accountable or inspire you? Do they need to give you ‘how-to’ or ask the right questions so that you find it easy to solve the ‘how-to’.
Great leadership coaches know how to ask the right questions to get your thinking in expansive and productive ways. This builds confidence. I like to bring out the best in each of my coaching clients so that their confidence adds value to their career and current role.
Here are questions you could ask a prospective executive coach:

  • What do you expect from your clients?
  • Could I contact some of your past and current clients?
  • This is what I need: Would you be the best coach for me, or could you refer me to someone?
  • Where did you do your coaching qualification?
  • Why do you coach?
  • Who is your coach or mentor at the moment? (Yes, all the best coaches have a coach)
  • What kind of coach are you?

The best executive coaches are coach-able and will have mentors, mastermind partners and coaches they are working with continually. They are highly qualified, normally with a specific coaching qualification (a minimum is a CertIV in Coaching here in Australia) and will also coaching qualification from a well known international thought leader. When I decided to become a coach, I got my CertIV in coaching from The Coaching Institute in Melbourne, as well as doing my Neurolinguistic training. I also trained with Bob Proctor in Florida (and subsequently in Toronto, Canada) as a LifeSuccess Consultant.

Professional development and growth is an important element of success and life fulfilment. Ensure that you engage an executive coach who is able to challenge you to grow personally and professionally. Continuous improvement is key for those who are assisting others to grow, as executive coaches do.

There also needs to be an energy match. Having a leadership coach who ‘gets’ you, who understands where you are, and who can help you navigate where you want to go, does make all the difference.  Obviously you’d want someone inspirational, positive and someone who sees opportunities for you – if you want to be inspired by them!  Great energy is contagious, some of my clients have wanted to work with me simply because they enjoy my positive, uplifting energy.

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